You can hire a lawyer and pay a lot of money to get Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy for your site.  Good product, but very expensive.

Or you can cut and paste the terms from some other web site.  But who knows if those terms have anything to do with what happens on your site.  The wrong terms can be worse than none at all.  And it might be copyright infringement.

Instead, use Legull.  Spend about five minutes answering some simple questions about your site, hit the button, and you have your terms.  If you need to fine-tune them, or have a lawyer help with that, go ahead. Once generated, the Legull terms are fully editable.  And when you change your site, you can update your answers to the Legull Q&A and re-publish your new terms.

Developers:  Solve your clients’ problem without playing lawyer.  Give them Legull, and give them an easy and affordable solution to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy dilemmas.  Developer or per-site licensing is available for our add-on packs, to use with your sites that have e-commerce, social, digital downloads, and other functions.

Timothy Wood

Co-Founder, Technology

Timothy Wood is a WordPress developer, entrepreneur, and co-owner of Imagine Simplicity. His agency specializes in development for large, complex or high-traffic applications and sites. He has personally worked within the community on several fantastic plugins and is passionate about creating tools for managing WordPress sites easier. You can find him on Twitter and GitHub as @codearachnid.

Chris Gatewood

Co-Founder, Legal

Chris Gatewood is a Virginia-based lawyer and entrepreneur, and the founder of the Richmond law firm Threshold Counsel, PC. His practice is focused on startups, intellectual property, business contracts, and technology matters. Chris counts many software, app, and web developers and designers as clients and collaborators. You can find him on Twitter and GitHub as @gatewood5000. Prior to Legull, Chris has drafted web site terms of service by hand since the late 1990s.